Let Go and Let God 

Though I often fall short and I fail him over and over again, God continues to bless me and love me more than I deserve. Even though there were so many things that have gone wrong this summer, there is so much more that has been good. I’m sure we’ve all hit a point where we convinced ourselves that God hated us because bad things happened to us. A point where we started to run low on faith and became angry with God. A point where we questioned him and became too proud to seek him. I certainly have but I knew deep down, God loves me. He loves us all. I realize now that maybe bad things happen because God wants to test our faith and he wants to help us grow. There has been many times where I’ve felt like God has abandoned me or has given up on me but I realize now that it was me that gave up on him. God doesn’t fail us, we fail him. Lord I thank you for the many opportunities you give me each and every day. I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to grow and be better than my previous self. I am not worthy of your unconditional love and forgiveness but I thank you for it. I thank you for your protection, guidance, grace, and the blessings that you have given and continue to give my family and I. I also thank you for the strength you give us everyday. We are nothing without you and you’ve helped me realize this time and time again. “When God says ‘no’, it is not a sign of rejection but simply a redirection”



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