Hello Again

It’s been over a month since I’ve last posted so here I am. We’re still in this. It’s been the same fight over and over. Again and again. It’s one thing after another and nothing seems to be getting any better. Waiting Game by Parson James seems to become more and more relatable with each passing day. No one has a clue what we’re going through. This is possibly the worst year of my life. I just need for it to be over. I lost my fire. Our situation has sucked so much life out of me that I lost my fire. God is there. He always is. But I am human and not having a physical outlet to talk to about all of this makes it a lot harder. I need my fire back. I’ve had enough of this shit. We all have. I just pray the fight is almost over. We’re all burnt out. And tired. And weak. And broken. I’m really trying here but life really fucken sucks right now. We need this to be over because we’ve been done for a while now. Please.



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